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AU NAME: Jaeger (Gunther Schwarz)
AGE: 34
APPEARANCE: one | two | three (AU: Short black hair, dark blue eyes)
HEIGHT: 6'0"
START DATE: 5/01/2017



Apr. 25th, 2017 10:22 pm
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Jaeger. Leviathan's Claw owner. Not particularly pleased to be here.


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[Monday's a dreadful day for Yeager, but he's got a pretty good idea of how awful it is for some of the others as well. Everyone has someone important to them held captive and sitting around feeling sorry for himself isn't going to do anything.

Top Dollar's the one he's really concerned about, though. After all, Myca is very dear to him and she's supposedly dead.

He shows up at Top Dollar's door after checking most of the other rooms for anything interesting. It's late at night, but he figures Top Dollar won't be getting much sleep either.

The knocking isn't as obnoxious and loud as usual, but it is persistent and he'll keep it up until Top Dollar answers.]
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[Yeager usually stops by Duke's room early - he likes keeping tabs on the people who are important to him and it's especially important with Duke. He's still not convinced that Duke is entirely safe, so these check-ins put his mind at ease (at least until the end of the day, usually).

He knocks loudly and obnoxiously on Duke's door, as he's done every morning since after Leo's execution.]

Good morning, Duke~!
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[It's Tuesday night and Yeager's continuing his trend of "check up on his friends to make sure they're not going to do anything stupid", but he's got another reason for visiting Top Dollar tonight.

The loud, obnoxious knocking on the door is probably familiar, but he speaks up anyway.]

Open up, it's me!
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CANON POINT: Halfway point during the battle in Zaude
AGE: 34
APPEARANCE: one | two | three
HEIGHT: 6'0"
ARRIVAL DATE: 1/07/2016
AMULET: Like this, worn as a bracelet

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[Watching movies with Top Dollar is always an enjoyable experience (especially when they're Die Hard and the villain is basically Yeager) but there's actually a damn good reason behind movie night tonight, mostly in the form of a note Yeager passed Top Dollar about ten minutes before the end of the movie.

Our gunners are Yukino and Yuri. I've spoken with both of them and confirmed it. Yukino believes there may be a third one.

He's certainly not going to draw any attention to that note or what was written there, but once the movie's over he doesn't seem interested in leaving immediately.]

You certainly do have amazing taste in entertainment! I'm a bit disappointed we don't have anything so wonderful back home!
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The other gunner is Yukino. She believes there is a third. Make sure you destroy this note! ★
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[It's Tuesday night and even though Yeager's had a long day (a very long day) he's doing his usual thing of checking up on Duke before he retires to bed. So! Here he is, knocking loudly and obnoxiously on Duke's door, as always.]

Open up, it's me!

[Just in case Duke didn't recognize him by the energetic knocking.]
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[Hazama had something interesting on his person when he died and Yeager's going to pursue that. Yukino will find a note slipped under her door early on Sunday morning.]

Yukino -

I have something I'd like to discuss with you, if you have a moment! It's a private matter, so keep it quiet! ★

- Yeager
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[Top Dollar will find a letter slipped under his door, like before. It's written in the same elegant handwriting, though it looks a bit rushed this time.]

Please meet me in my room. I need to discuss this with someone.

[You'll find that he's left the door open so you can let yourself in. Yeager's currently working on something at the desk, though it looks like he hasn't been very successful given how many crumpled sheets of paper there are.]
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[So in light of recent events, Yeager needs to talk to a certain protag. Duke has told him everything so his opinion on Yuri has shifted from "the guy who kept ruining my plans" to "okay well I guess he's going to save the world so he's probably fine". He's not sure how much Duke told Yuri about what will happen in the future, but he's not planning on discussing that.

After all, they've got something a little more pressing they're facing right now.

Yuri will find a note shoved under his door written in Yeager's elegant handwriting. It's not signed, but there is a tiny doodle of the Leviathan's Claw symbol, which should probably say enough.]

Yuri -
I have something I need to discuss with you. Please meet me in room #230 as soon as possible.
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[Well, now that the trial's over it's time to talk to the other person he knows will feel absolutely nothing about that, his former roommate Hazama!!

A note will be shoved under Hazama's door with the following written in Yeager's elegant handwriting:]

Meet me in my room.

[It's signed with the same snake Hazama drew before, so that should probably say everything about this. Hazama will find the door to room #230 open when he gets there!]
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[So that sure was a thing! It wasn't a thing Yeager gives much of a fuck about, honestly, but he does have some questions for a certain someone.

Top Dollar will find a note under his door, written in Yeager's elegant handwriting.]

I have something I wish to discuss with you. Room #230.

[It's short and to the point. Yeager's locked the door, so you'll have to knock.]


Jan. 7th, 2016 04:21 am
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